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How to find job in Sweden

Three useful tips 

Finding a job in Sweden is not always easy. Competetion is hard and you have to be prepared to apply for several jobs before even come to an interview. Follow our simple three step guide below to get started.

What kind of job are you looking for?

Make a list of jobs that you are interested in. Keep focus only on the jobs that you really want and are interested in rather than applying for any job.  

What are your skills?

Write a personal letter describing your past experiences and skills shortly. The personal letter, is "personal" - it should describe you as a person and not only ypur experiences. How can you contribute to the employer? Why do you actually want this specific job? What makes the difference between hiring you compared to others. Don´t forget your contact details including for example LinkedIn profile and of course a picture of yourself! A good looking picture might not give the job but makes it alot easier for the employer to remember you!

Use your network

If you just arrived to Sweden or you have only been here for a short time, your network here is of course limited. But why not use your network from home? You have probably some one who can be a reference person to a potential employer here in Sweden! Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and promote yourself!

Below are som useful links to start with!

Good luck!